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tv   KPIX 5 News at 600PM  CBS  September 23, 2016 6:00pm-7:01pm PDT

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were even being transported on the rails. smart owns this portion of commercial railway. actually the employee smart found these cars and then notified smart itself. what's in them? well, 2.4 million gallons of liquid petroleum gas which is highly flammable and a hazardous material. so smart immediately called up the northwestern pacific railroad company, who owns those cars, and asked them what was going on. >> because we believe that this is a public safety issue, a health and safety issue, we have told them that they are not to move anything on our tracks without the proper safety plan, without the proper hazardous materials plan. and until we have that documentation and until we know exactly how they plan to transport this, they are not permitted to use our tracks. >> reporter: and according to federal regulations, some of the things that are involved in
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transporting hazardous materials like this is the notification of the owner of the tracks, as well as the security plan and an emergency plan in case something happens. hazardous material like this is transported often on the railways. but because it is hazardous and it is very dangerous, it is highly regulated federally, state and locally. that's what smart wants to take a look at and say, whoa, until we meet all the safety requirements, this isn't going anywhere. live in sonoma county, emily turner, kpix 5. within the past few minutes, we are getting some new details on an accident involving a google self-driving car. it happened in mountain view. kpix 5's cate caugiran is in our newsroom with google now pointing fingers in that collision. cate. >> reporter: ken, here's what we know. the accident happened at about 1:30 today at el camino and calderon. mountain view police say it involved a google self-driving car and one other vehicle. this is video from a witness who captured the aftermath. it shows a google car with extensive damage on the
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passenger side being loaded on to a flatbed truck. now, a short time ago, google said the other car ran a red light and hit the google car. google says it was in self- driving mode, a google employee was inside and no injuries. the federal government just put out guidelines for self-driving cars including safety rules but the feds are also trying to give companies room to try different approaches as the technology evolves. the transportation department says they hold benefits for safety, mobility and sustainability. we'll have to wait for the official police report. but if it's true, and the other driver was at fault, it would mean google still has a near perfect driving record when it comes to accidents. cate caugiran, kpix 5. new at 6:00 san francisco'
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fire chief coming down hard on firefighters accused of harassing a female coworker. the woman claims she was subjected to months of abuse! the chief says there is no place in her department for the kind of shocking behavior directed at a female firefighter. and she warned more discipline might be coming. kpix 5's jackie ward is live at the chinatown station with details about why the firefighter might have been targeted. >> reporter: veronica, we first thought to be a case of alleged harassment here at station 2 may now be part of a sexual affair has been going on for years. at an event to kick off the 150th anniversary of the san francisco fire department, fire chief joanne hayes-white said this about the investigation under way involving fire station 2. >> there were some balls that were dropped clearly. and, um, as a supervisor you need to make sure that the workplace is a welcoming one. >> reporter: according to the department of human resources a
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female firefighter says she was harassed for months. she said male firefighters at station 2 urinated in her bed, spray the feces on the wall of the women's restroom and tampered with her personal belongings. this woman was targeted because she had been having an affair with another firefighter. wouldn't say if the affair and harassment are related. >> two different completely different things. so one shouldn't allow another to have conduct that's completely not professional nor conducive to a working environment. >> reporter: san francisco fire department has some of the highest percentage of female firefighters in the country with 250 women. 15% of the department including hayes-white making san francisco the biggest city in the world to have a woman chief. >> coming on up, yeah, there were some incidents that, um, i weathered through. i think a lot of people for various reasons have had conflict in the workplace but
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it's my job to minimize it and eliminate inappropriate conduct. >> reporter: since these reports have surfaced, every, single firefighter in the city of san francisco has signed a sexual harassment document and the supervisor here at station 2 will all eventually be transferred to various stations throughout the city. also, chief hayes-white says this may be just the beginning of the punishments that are issued. veronica? >> and jackie, we're also hearing about another scandal with the san francisco fire department? >> reporter: that's right. two paramedics are under investigation for using an ambulance inappropriately. one is being investigated for using the ambulance to have sex inside it. our sources tell us that this happened about 8 months ago. and, um, we learned it may be an example of something called "the lights and sirens club" where one paramedic drives with the lights on and sirens blaring while another has sex in the back. because this is an internal investigation, the fire department has no comment.
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in san francisco, jackie ward, kpix 5. new at 6:00 we are getting our first look at a letter from the management at san francisco's millennium tower to its residents. it's dated today and it reads, quote, we will begin to install below ground measurement devices in locations adjacent to the building to monitor and collect data regarding soil conditions, settlement and possible repair/mitigation options. the work set to last three weeks. data collection a few months. as we have reported the luxury high-rise in the south of market area has been sinking and tilting much more than anticipated. kpix 5's wilson walker with the question for the people who live there. what now? >> the settlement is a normal part of performance of these very large structures. and all of downtown san francisco is actually settling. >> reporter: before anyone gets too alarmed by the millennium
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tower, uc-berkeley engineering professor nicholas sitar wants you to know that towers are built to sink. so what engineers really need to understand is why this building is sinking more than expected and more importantly, what is it going to do in the future? >> this is basically the question, what is going to happen next? >> reporter: in other words, just how bad is the problem? >> there's a good scenario and there's a bad scenario always. and probably the truth is someplace in between. >> reporter: if it turns out the building needs a fix, the easiest solution would be reinforcing the foundation. >> either injecting materials called grouting or adding additional support. >> reporter: more serious trouble would mean more radical answers like the suggestion floated into today's "new york times." making the structure lighter by actually taking 20 floors off the top of the building. >> in this case that would be the most extreme solution. >> reporter: but with so many stakeholders involved here, we could easily find ourselves
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with disagreements over the severity of the problem and any proposed fix. >> the homeowners may have a different level of comfort than the design engineers or everybody else. >> reporter: a sinking leaning luxury tower in the heart of san francisco is an eye- catching story being watched around the world and it's the kind of thing people want answers to yesterday. but first engineers need to first out exactly what is going on underneath that building. and those answers just are not going to come very quickly. >> it will take time. yes. >> reporter: in san francisco, wilson walker, kpix 5. >> we want to reiterate that the team that built that building insists that it is safe. no official word yet on when the city of san francisco will offer its assessment of the tower. this evening, people will be honoring a woman who was a major political force in san francisco. rose pak died last sunday at the age of 68. kpix 5's andria borba on how the chinatown woman is being remembered. >> reporter: veronica, take a look behind me. in less than an hour here at
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the green street mortuary in north beach there will be a wake for rose pak. there's a large projection screen set up outside. we have seen lots of press or dignitaries showing up. the bomb squad has been here. there have been dogs making sure everything is safe and goes off without a hitch at her wake. her funeral is tomorrow morning at old st. mary's cathedral here in san francisco. a weekend for -- [ pause ] >> thank you. like she was just saying, during tomorrow's funeral, those street closures will be in effect around old st. mary's cathedral. that mass for rose pak happening from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m. and then that funeral procession will follow. an oakland police officer answers to the law. he is the first of serve charged in a bay area wide sex scandal. and today, the first of 7, faced a judge.
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kpix 5's da lin was in the courtroom. >> reporter: he was nicknamed superman. but oakland police officer brian bunton looked more like a regular guy facing the law in this hayward courtroom. the charges, obstruction of justice and engaging in prostitution. he dodged reporter questions by saying, no comment. he said very few words in a brief court appearance. >> yes, your honor. >> bail $12,500. >> reporter: he allegedly had sex with a teenaged prostitute. jasmine abuslin said she had sex with bunton after she turned 18. in return, she said he tipped her off on police prostitution stings in east oakland. she gave me this text message reportedly from officer bunton: superman wrote, be safe today. want some price? >> jasmine replied, tell me, handsome. >> stay off east 14th from
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fruitvale to 42nd tonight. there's a uc operation. meaning undercover operation. this afternoon, his attorney entered a plea of not guilty. >> officer bunton did cooperate in the investigation. he gave a full statement taking remorse and taking responsibility for some of the alaska. >> reporter: the attorney wouldn't say what actions he took responsibility for. the 40-year-old officer graduated from the police academy last year. it's his second year. he has a wife and children. >> he understands there will be consequences and those are going on right now. >> jasmine's attorney attended the hearing. >> she is at a safe location. she is in a place where she can have time to heal away from the cameras. >> reporter: his attorney says officer bunton is still employed by the oakland police department since he has not
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been convicted of any crime. da lin, kpix 5. >> nine richmond police officers will be disciplined for their locals in this scandal. one officer will be fired, another demoted, two more suspended. the others will get formal letters of reprimand. city leaders say it's disappointing. >> richmond has worked very hard to become a national model for community involved policing and this type of conduct undermines those kinds of -- those efforts. >> right now, the city is not naming names or giving any details on exactly what each police officer did. jasmine abuslin's attorney has accused the department of arranging jasmine's trip to florida to keep her quiet. new insights now on what may have prompted an east bay man to steal a police car before leading officers on a wild chase. jeffrey chambers was arrested last night. the 28-year-old was being
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treated for injuries from a crash in the hayward willing had he he stole a park patrol car. he was chased on 92 before he crashed again. this time near the san mateo bridge toll plaza. police say he ran into several cars during the pursuit. we spoke to the suspect's mother today who says her son was not acting like himself. >> he had a mental breakdown. we tried to get help for him hours before this happened. >> left the house? >> he stormed out of the house. he looked at us really weird and said i have a feeling. i have a feeling. >> chambers faces theft, hit- and-run charges. it's a topic on the ballot in several bay area cities. new laws to protect against huge rent hikes. but what will they do? we found out not as much as you might think. >> a wife pleading with officers not to shoot her husband. what new video is revealing
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about the deadly police encounter that sparked violent protests in charlotte. >> the bruised protestor who hit sacramento's mayor with a pie gets his day in court as we see our first photos of the scuffle. >> well, the heat is on in the bay area. at least it will be tomorrow and sunday and monday and tuesday. hot days ahead for the bay area. we'll have more after a break.
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laws. but cracking down on runaway rents... isn't as simple ast sounds. kpix 5's melissa cas here to explain. this november, no less than 5 bay area cities will be voting on new rent control laws. but cracking down on run away rent isn't as simple as it sounds. melissa caen reports. >> reporter: on election day all around the bay voters will be considering rent control. but what will it do? maybe less than you think. five cities, five ballot
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propositions. all with the same goals, stop big rent increases and protect tenants. the proposition in burlingame says they suffered from unreasonable rent increases in san mateo it says exorbitant rent increases. in mountain view, excessive rental increases. in richmond, housing has reached a crisis level and in alameda, the proposition says that high rents are an immediate threat to the public. >> i'm been priced out of my house. i have been there six years. i'm disabled and i'm a senior citizen. i'm 61 years old. it seems so hopeless. but i know the power of the people. there is power in the people. >> reporter: there is power in the people. and voters may pass all of these laws but there is a higher power. state law. and it limits what cities and the voters can do in three big ways. first, only buildings built before february 1, 1995, can be rent controlled. places biltmore recently after 1995 cannot be rent controlled after being built more
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recently. only apartments can be rent controlled. condos and single family homes cannot. if there is a vacancy the landlord can raise the rent to a market price. a new tenant has to pay that initial higher market price but then rent controls future increases. these restrictions are in place because of a state law called the costa hawkins architect. willie brown was the speaker of the assembly in 1995 when it passed. he remembered author of the bill he voted again. >> there was a person that represented fresno where he was from gave him a secure ability to get re-elected and continuously elected because there was no tenant movement in his city. and he went to every member of the legislature who was similarly situated. there were too many other places in california that were as politically comfortable looking out for landlords as
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mr. costa's fresno area was. >> reporter: current state for mark leno says that state legislators even democrats from nonurban areas still have no love for rent control so don't look for the state law to change anytime soon. >> some don't have rent control so it's hard for them to feel our pain. >> reporter: as for the act? >> that's a locally great deal in sacramento. >> supporters of rent control say they will take what they can get. it takes a few tries before rent control passes. even if they don't pass rent control supporters will try again. melissa caen, san francisco. lower income people were able to open checking and savings accounts at wells fargo. they opened more than a million and a half accounts without customer knowledge. the city treasurer hopes that 13 other cities that
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participate in the "bank on" program will follow suit and stop it. the city is also offering free credit counseling to anyone who might have been affected in the scandal. >> there are many unanswered questions but i want san franciscans to know that the city will help you get answers from wells fargo to resolve any negative impact these actions may have had on your finances. >> mayor lee has tried to get the bank to give information about how many accounts were affected and what's being done to fix the problem. so far no response. in a statement wells fargo says, it is disappointed by the treasurer's decision regarding the bank on program but will continue further its goal of helping thousands of customers in san francisco. san bruno police say this woman stole items from the j.c. penney store at tanforan mall and ran over an employee while trying to get away. police say shahkette knocked
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down an employee in the parking lot of, got in a minivan and ran over the woman. thompson crashed into several parked cars and a steel beam and was arrested a short time later. the employee is recovering. in san jose, this 19-year- old appeared in court today accused of breaking into his 88- year-old neighbors's home, stealing her jewelry and car and then brutally beating her. he did not enter a plea. his case is continued to november. the victim in the case known in the community as miss flo is still in the intensive care units. her family says she is conscious and fighting for her life. a house fire sent a san francisco firefighter to the hospital this morning part of this victorian in bernal heights falling on top of him while he was inside fighting the flames. the firefighter was taken to a trauma center with moderate injuries. the eight people who live in the house got out okay. no word on the cause of the fire. brian hackney joins us now.
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we are looking at a weekend warmup. >> yes. if i convince that you we are going to be near 100 degrees by sunday, then i will have done my job. but maybe i need some numbers to support that. >> exit, stage left, brian. >> i'm going to show you some proof. [ laughter ] >> followed by a bear. as we have a look at mostly clear skies around the bay area. we had a sunny day a few high clouds from time to time. numbers up 3 to 8 degrees over much of the bay area to 83 in santa rosa, concord at 82. san jose 80. by sunday, these numbers will be as much as 15 to 20 degrees warmer than we had today. and it is going to be around for a while probably into early next week. that big dome of high pressure now over the eastern pacific is going to slide closer to the shoreline and as it does it's going to bring numbers up. there's a heat alert posted for sunday and monday. so the heat advisory for the bay area coming in for the latter half of the weekend and into early next week, remember the elderly and pets. it's going to be that kind of a weekend. so high temperatures definitely hot. average for this time of year
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is warm for san francisco ordinarily 70 degrees. by sunday 85 in the city. san jose 13 degrees warmer than average as well as oakland and concord 15 degrees warmer than average. the numbers will peak on sunday and monday. so the fog will be an absent guest at the pacific coast this weekend. 72 degrees. bay area blues festival in martinez 93 degrees hot in the east bay. for tomorrow, fairfield at 93 degrees. concord 91. 85 in san jose. that's not so bad but as we get to sunday and monday, the numbers top out at 100 degrees both those days. we'll still be in the 90s on tuesday before we finally begin to get some significant cooling by wednesday, thursday and friday. i think i made my case. >> yeah. yeah. >> it's going to be a warm one. >> all right. thank you. he threw a coconut cream pie at the mayor of sacramento. we have new photos to show you
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what happened when this protestor took on a former point guard in the nba-turned politician. >> the intense moment the woman russia out of bed and fires -- rushes out of bed and fires back at three armed intruders.
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the mayor of sacramento wita face full of pie.. and the protestor who threwt -- with a face full of stit. it was a bizarre assault that left the mayor of sacramento with a faceful of pie and the protestor to through it with a faceful of
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stitches. now we get our first up close look at wednesday's charity dinner attack, it's being called. we have the pictures. >> he came from a good place. he is not malicious or violent. >> reporter: about a handful of sean thompson supporters were in the house. he hit mayor kevin johnson in the face with a coconut cream pie to make a point. >> i said you need to better represent your people. >> we look forward to going forward with it. he is in good spirits. >> reporter: thompson's attorney took his case for free and says he is no danger to the community despite his $100,000 bond. >> that's excessive for a pie to the face. >> reporter: thompson said the mayor hasn't put enough time, efforts and resources to fix homelessness. >> crime brought the spotlight back on mayor johnson on the concerns of sacramento on our crumbling infrastructure and our homeless issues. >> reporter: according to sacramento's step forward, on
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any given night in the city, 2700 people may be sleeping on the streets. two years ago, mayor johnson and council created the homeless coordinated, the city spends roughly $13.6 million a year on homeless issues according to a study commissioned by the city. people like thompson says there needs to be a better approach. >> they are subject to arrest and harassment by the police. that's not how you treat people who have mental issues. >> reporter: thompson is still in jail and a restraining order was slapped against him today in court. coming up in our next half- hour, the wife of the man shot and killed by charlotte police is releasing the first video of that encounter. how it is shedding light on the incident. >> ted cruz has a change of heart after a bitter primary
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fight with donald trump a special guest in the front row of the first presidential debate.
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abandoned on the rails just south of sonoma. the smart train system ownst stretch of track. a train loaded with
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millions of gallons of liquid petroleum gas aband on the rails south of sonoma. the smart train system owns that stretch of track. they say they were never notified about the hazardous materials on board. the cars will stay put until they offer up a detailed plan for moving them. a self-driving car was involved in a crash this afternoon in mountain view. amateur video shows damage to the car's side. another car smashed into the google car after running a red light. no one was injured. >> don't shoot him. he has no weapon. he has no weapon. don't shoot him. >> chilling new video just released from the day of the deadly police shooting in charlotte, north carolina. the wife of keith scott captured it all on her cell phone. as elizabeth cook reports, she is now calling on the police department to release its video to the public, as well. liz. >> reporter: concern the police chief has made it very clear
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that's not going to happen. after days of rioting in charlotte, he says it will likely only make things worse. this cellvone video is difficult to watch. >> don't shoot him. don't shoot him. he has no weapon. >> reporter: as she recorded her husband keith's final moments, rakeyia scott pleaded with police not to shoot him. she told them he had a traumatic brain injury and posed no threat. >> he doesn't have a gun. he has a tbi. he is not going to do anything to you guys. he just took his medicine. >> reporter: the scott family attorney released the video. it shows officers surrounding scott in his car. rakeyia told him to obey the officers who are heard telling him repeatedly to drop the gun. >> don't do it keith, keith, don't you do it! [ gunfire ] >> reporter: scott is then seen on the ground. >> did you shoot him? >> reporter: the videos' unexpected release came after three nights of violent protests in charlotte. many of the riots were
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motivated by the community's demand to release body and dashcam video of the shooting. charlotte's police chief said he would not release the videos, which are now in the hands of state investigators. >> i'm not going to put out one piece of evidence that could further inflame and not tell the full story. >> reporter: this is a live look right now at charlotte. looks lie protestors are on the move. and there is law enforcement on the streets, as well. the protest right now are peaceful. this is the fourth night of protests in north carolina's largest city. the video doesn't show whether the husband had a gun. police say scott was armed. witnesses claim he had a book. scott's mother says it was the koran which he loved to read daily. >> thank you. the woman at the center of a police-involved shooting
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investigation in tulsa is free on $50,000 bond. officer betty shelby is charged with first-degree manslaughter for shooting terrence crutcher. he is shown on video walking towards the suv with hands in the air. not clear what exactly led up to the shooting. shelby's threatened attorney says she felt threatened. with the headlines in the news these days, tonight we're asking you, are you more worried that you or someone you know will be involved in a terror attack or police brutality? tweet me right now, at #veronicadlcruz. weigh in on our twitter poll. we are going to have your comments as well as those poll results coming up tonight on bay area nightbeat; come join us at 10:00 on our sister station, kbcw 44/cable 12. startling security video out of georgia tonight. a woman comes out with guns
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blazing after three armed intruders break into her house. the video shows the three men kicking in the door and entering with guns then the woman runs out of the bedroom and unloads on them! one man smashes his way through a glass door to escape. one of the intruders died in the driveway. police looking for the other two. the woman was not badly hurt. campaign 2016. this afternoon one of donald trump's bitter rivals of the republican primaries senator ted cruz endorsed him for president. cruz wrote this afternoon in a facebook post, a year ago, i pledged to endorse the republican nominee and i am honoring that commitment. and if you don't want to see a hillary clinton presidency, i encourage you to vote for him. cruz had refused to endorse trump as recently as july at the republican national convention. and his move today is a big turnaround from when the two men traded personal insults
6:37 pm
during the primaries. the endorsement comes three days before trump's first debate with clinton. trump is asking supporters for period back on whether he should call her "crooked hillary" on stage and bring up the email scandal. clinton plans to take a break and go to charlotte in the wake of the deadly police shooting. mark cuban will be there for the first presidential debate on monday and is already taunting donald trump. he tweeted today, quote, just got a front row seat to watch hillary clinton overwhelm donald trump at the humbling at hofstra on monday. it's on. cuban endorsed clinton last month and he has been pushing trump to release his tax returns. he says he questions whether trump is really a billionaire. you can watch the first presidential debate monday night right here at 6:00 on kpix 5. a message tonight to unregistered voters. you can now register by text message. consumerwatch reporter julie watts shows us how that works. >> reporter: it's the newest
6:38 pm
and quickest way to register to vote. hello vote promises to make the process a simple ascending a few texts. this person has been meaning to register and agreed to try it out. you start with the phone number and then texting begins. you must provide your name, address, data date of birth and either a driver's license number or last four digits of your social security number. then the system verifies the information and completes the registration process or sends a would-be voter more information. >> we actually take all that mystery out of it. >> reporter: hello vote cofounder tiffany chang says the service is aimed at millennials and the those underrepresented. >> we wanted to make it possible for people to be able to register to vote in a way that they are most comfortable communicating in general. >> reporter: to get as many americans to the polls as possible that she hopes people do in time for election. >> it's great, convenient. >> reporter: ulie watts,
6:39 pm
kpix 5. >> julie says you can also use the tool with facebook messenger for californians. the last day to register to vote is october 24. coming up, talk of a twitter takeover! the rumors of who would buy it. >> and new changes for bay area parents picking up their kids at school. how it's all about improving air quality. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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sources tell c- n-b-c: bay area tech giants "salesforce".. and google's parenty company "alphabet".e considering buying the litt blue bird. ies haven't rumors are flying about a twitter takeover. "salesforce" and alphabet, google's parents company, are considering buying the company. the companies have not commented but the news sent the stock up more than 20% today. governor brown working to stop patients from getting sticker shock when paying their medical bills. he signed a measure today that seeks to stop surprise medical bills from doctors who are not
6:42 pm
covered by a patient's health plan. unexpected bills often come from the specialists who get involved in diagnosing or caring for hospitalized patients. the new law establishes a rate for doctors to be paid in those circumstances and it creates an independent review board to resolve any disagreements. straight ahead this friday, boy, the giants, man, they are going to have to be tough as. >> nails. >> oh, we got football to talk about. get those cliches in order. >> huge tonight for us to take advantage of it. >> reporter: 49ers in seattle, raiders in nashville. >> why is he not still across the way? >> i'm in the city tonight, coach. talking sports after brian hackney's weather. ,,
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cheer... a new push to clean up the air at several east bay schools complete with its own cheer. >> turn the key, be idle free, save gas, save money, "spare the air." >> drivers at the high school in pittsburg are being asked to not idle their cars when
6:46 pm
picking up or dropping off students. it's part of a new idle-free zone project aimed at improving the school's air quality. >> they will be the drivers of tomorrow. i'll be off the road hopefully by then. but at least we know that they will be responsible scholars, responsible for our environment. >> pittsburg is the first east bay school district to launch the project. they are hoping that others will follow. oakland raider marshawn lynch has found his willy wonka launching chocolate bars called "beast mode." earlier today the former nfl running back was in emeryville for a relief celebration at it's sugar. the bars will come in three flavors, chocolate mint, cookie and milk, chocolate peanut butter pretzel and chocolate smores bar and milk. brian hackney, what do you think about that? >> i think the author of willy wonka and people who have worn
6:47 pm
the hat before. with a look at the city of san francisco, it's beautiful as the sun sinks slowly into the west. enjoy the visibility as you can. visibility and air quality will suffer over the weekend. 71 in oakland. in the city 64. here's how it looks. overnight lows tonight cool and mid-50s will do it. sun-up tomorrow right at 7:00. but the 50s give way to near 90 inland tomorrow and even warmer on sunday. this is why. high pressure is on the way for the bay area. as the ridge gets closer that offshore push begins to set up and as a result, the offshore winds, it will be warm to hot by sunday and monday as well two days of pretty warm temperatures around the bay area warm enough so that by then we are going to have heat advisories posted for the bay area. no "spare the air" yet forecast for the bay area on saturday. but we are not winning any
6:48 pm
awards either. we have moderate air quality for the north bay down to the santa clara valley. high pressure just puts a lid on the particulates that we generate during the day because of the idling and driving that we heard about before. so a clear night patchy fog tonight and sunny and warmer for tomorrow. we came up as much as 8 degrees today from yesterday's highs and it's going to be even warmer on saturday and even warmer on sunday and just about as warm on monday. these are the two hottest days in the coming next few. and it will be near 100 degrees by sunday and by monday, as well. tomorrow we continue to climb. san francisco up to 74 degrees. above average. concord 91 degrees. san jose 85. oakland 80 degrees tomorrow. down in the south bay plenty of sunshine and for the most part mid- to upper 80s. over in the east bay we'll take that up into the low 90s. and sunshine for tomorrow. for the north bay nice. plenty of sunshine and 90 degrees for santa rosa. 87 for petaluma. 87 at san rafael.
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good beach weekend, too. some of the best beach weather of the year as you know comes in, in september and october. this weekend will not be an exception. high temperatures tomorrow for clearlake and cloverdale, windsor and rohnert park will be in the mid-90s. extended forecast, look at those numbers: sports is after the break.
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when mexico sends its people... they're bringing crime, they're rapists. are you going to have a massive deportation force? you're going to have a deportation force. we're rounding 'em up in a very humane way, in a very nice way. we're going to build a wall. that's not america. we're all californians. i'm tom steyer. it's time to speak out. please, register. and vote. vote. nextgen california action committee is responsible for the content of this advertising.
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what is up with the giants...lets set the table you... in a 3-team wild- card raceh baseball up top. i get stopped about this more than anything else. what is up with the giants! well, let's set the table for ya. in a 3-team wildcard race with the mets and cards, the cardinals played today and windy chicago down 3-0 in the 1st inning already under the
6:53 pm
glove the matt adams, scores a run. arrieta 10 strikeouts. that helped the giants. giants and mets gained a game advantage tied for the two n.l. wild card spots. giants volunteer to figure out a way to beat the padres tonight. suarez on the mound. nfl, and the raiders! in a toss-up at the titans in music city usa. see number 82? that's delanie walker. hesuper bowl mmxii, popular in the bay area. it's the fourth year and titans leading receiver. he had a career-high 94 catches last season and earned the pro bowl. an obvious topic posed to raiders coach jack del rio. [ inaudible question ] >> good question. why is he not still across the bay? you know? he is a good player. i have a lot of respect for his
6:54 pm
game. lately, the seattle seahawks offense has been grounded. the 49ers sunday opponent has scored just 15 points total in the first two games and still they are favored by 9.5 to 11 points. pete carroll said a lot today without saying much. >> big deal coming home playing home division game coming up. want to bounce back. give you a lot of short little one-liners here. we need to get it right. excited to play again. want to get on the right track. so we are looking into toward putting together a great week. [ beep, beep, beep, beep, beep! >> huge opportunity for us. >> is that enough of those typical things that you say? i think there were ten of them. >> ladies and gentlemen, redwood city's own pete carroll. to the other football, soccer. the stanford men are the
6:55 pm
reigning ncaa division i champions and in three seasons they went from ranked over 100 to number 1. >> target on your back now? >> no. [ laughter ] >> no. yeah. it's always going to be there, though. so -- [ laughter ] >> yeah. >> yeah. other teams have geared up for the cardinal. they started off this season tie, tie, loss, tie. here's a loss right here at notre dame. they dropped from number one to 25. but folks, they have turned the page! cardinals won the last three. tonight with top scorer foster here, big play over at the stadium. >> one thing we believe in the ball is going to bounce different ways but if we're tacking in their bowl area nothing bad can come of it. if we're in our own goal area, good luck, bad luck, in a big way. we'll leave you with the nba 15-time all star kevin
6:56 pm
garnett announced today he will retire after 21 seasons in the nba. 13 with minnesota. he won the mvp in2004. in 2008 he won his only title with the celtics. he is one of the guys that went straight from high school to the nba. >> what a career. >> yeah. future hall of famer. >> unbelievable. >> he is calling it quits. >> all right. good vibes for the giants tonight. >> i would think so. finally figured out the padres. finally beating them this half. >> lucky tie on. >> we'll have an update at 10:00. >> thank you. for news throughout the evening includes sports the latest news and weather, always on >> joi n us for nightbeat at 10:00 on our sister station, kbcw 44/cable 12. you can see us back here at 11:00. see you thin. captions by: caption colorado i got your nose right here. i know that's your thumb, grandpa. talent! learn about it!
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announcer: it's time to play "family feud"! give it up for steve harvey! steve: how y'all? thank y'all very much. i appreciate you. heh. oh, god. i appreciate you. yeah. heh heh heh. ha ha! welcome to "family feud," everybody. i'm your man steve harvey. [cheering] and we got a good one for you today. y'all, returning for their second day with a total of $20,000 from kansas city, kansas, it's the champs, it's the adams family. [cheering] and from hanover park, illinois, it's the porter family. [cheering]
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everybody's here trying to win theirself a lot of cash and possibly drive out of here in a brand-new car. let's play "feud," everybody. give me frank, give me caryce. all right, guys. here we go. we got top 8 answers on the board. name something an angry wife might bake in a pie when she's mad at her guy. frank: a razor! steve: a ra--wow! ok. all right. wow. razor. rhonda: good answer, good answer! caryce: i'm gonna go with peppers. steve: peppers. caryce: spicy food. frank: you want to play? rhonda: play, play, play! oh, it's a tie? steve: well, it's a tie, but you answered yours first, so you get to pick. frank: ok. we're gonna play. we're gonna play, steve. ev


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